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POST HISTORY(continued)

The grocery store was sold in 1986 to Draegers which is there today.  The Post has had a good working relations with both Whitecliff and Draeger

The Post has been used for many functions.  The charter for the City of Los Altos was signed in the building.  The city held meetings there until they had a building of their own.

During the second world war the building was used to entertain the service men of the surrounding area with dances, food and fellowship.

The Post in early 1943 got permisssion from the city to bore holes in front of each business downtown so the American Flag could be flown.  These holes are still in use today.

After the 1968 earthquake the Post was required to retrofit the building with steel beams and cables to stafilize the walls.  If one looks at the north wall it can be seen to lean out to some degree.  The fireplace in the Main Hall was covered with an entertainmnet enclosure as the fireplace was no longer useable.

In 1977 the front door to the main hall was in bad shape.  A lady whose husband had been a member of the Post and now deceased was kind enough to provide the funds to replace not only the front door but the side door as well with new glass doors.  She also provided the funding for a new flag pole, which the Post dedicated to her husband.

When the city decided to redo the plaza in 1993 at the intersection of State and Main streets the Post gave the money to erect three flag poles,  one for the American Flag, one for the State of California Flag and one for the City of Los Altos Flag.

Through out the years the Post has worked with the Girl Scouts to provide American Flags for the merchants to fly in front of their stores.  The Post also provide small flags for the Girl Scouts to pass out at many functions, like the 4th of July, Memorial Day at the cemetery and other city functions.

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