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347 First Street

Los Altos,  CA  94022-3604

The building was built by the members and chartered November 11, 1938 It was constructed in two stages.  The first part had hardwood floors, restrooms and a small kitchen.  The building had heaters (gas) built into the floor at opposite corners.

The second part or addition was added on a cement slab with a wet bar and the kitchen was moved from the font part to a larger room.  A large closet was built into the new area behind the kitchen.

The Post had a open bar liquor license and the large closet was used to store bar supplies.  The closet is now used as an office and general storage room.   The open bar was closed.

There also were card games played almost every day in what is called the Club Room or back part.  Slot machines were in the Club Room for a time which helped pay for the expansion.   In 1947 the Post along with the Auxiliary held a ceremony at the fireplace in the Main Hall to burn the mortgage that cleared the Post of all indebtedness.

The Post sold Fireworks out of the Main Hall.  It had built a cage which extended out onto the side walk.  After the city passed an ordnance to outlaw fireworks in the city that ended the Posts ability to sell fireworks which was a large money raiser for the Post.

In the year 1966 the grocery store across the street, Whitecliff grocery store burned.  The city asked the Post to give up their building for a year so Whiteclff could continue in business while they rebuilt their store.  The building had to be retrofitted with more power to run freezers and coolers.  The Post held their meetings in a room over top of one of the banks in town.  The grocery store put up a large tent in front of the building to house their green groceries.

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